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Is USPS a victim or fully compensated party in cycling fraud case?

One litigant in a civil fraud dispute contends that it is owed about $100 million in damages for so-called "lost promotional value" it suffered owing to the bad-faith actions of a prominent athlete -- a global icon -- it sponsored for years.

That wrongdoer -- Lance Armstrong, self-confessed user of prohibited performance-enhancing drugs -- counters through his legal team that his contractual partner recouped its total investment in him and far more, and is thus owed nothing.

Business owner, vendor relationships: amity, yes, but disputes, too

In the world of business centrally marked by small and mid-sized enterprises, perhaps nothing is more fundamental and critically important than the relationship between owners and vendors/suppliers.

What relationship could be of a more symbiotic and reciprocal nature? What coupling requires more good-faith negotiation, more confidence reposed in a contractual party and more of a dire need for performance to be adequately and routinely carried out?

Volkswagen's painful lesson re not playing fair continues

The news last year that global automaker Volkswagen was seeking a distinctly unfair competitive advantage over its business rivals by intentionally falsifying emissions data on huge numbers of its vehicles over many years was understandably of bomb-shell quality.

That companies need to play fair was served up as a reminder to Volkswagen and reinforced in stark terms by both domestic and international regulators and courts.

Unfair competition? Medical co., retailer spar in federal court

A blue square interlocked with a green square. A green square interlocked with a purple square, which from a central position also links to a blue square.

Are those images/icons similar? And if so, is that important?

KFC readily litigious when it comes to protecting that recipe

What is allegedly locked up in a humungous safe that the New York Times notes is "encased in two feet of concrete and guarded by video cameras and motion detectors?"

Nuclear codes? The world's largest diamond? Priceless artwork?

Business restraint of trade: What does that mean and entail?

You manage a southern California business and believe that your company's profits and prospects have been undermined by actions taken by a business rival that have adversely affected you.

Do you have a civil claim for damages based on a legal theory grounded on restraint of trade?

Real estate-related nondisclosure can lead to material damage

Everyone's honest in real estate negotiations and deals, right?

Yes, perhaps, but only in some other universe. On planet earth, and certainly in Southern California and across the United States, residential and commercial real estate transactions are often marked by hide-the-ball tactics that obscure realities.

Real estate-related complaints: myriad and broadly sourced

Would-be homeowners in Ventura County, the San Fernando Valley and elsewhere across the vast regional expanse of the Los Angeles metropolitan area must obviously exercise due care in working with agents/brokers who are representing them in the purchase or sale of property.

That stated reality is no attempted denigration of that profession; rather, it proceeds from the simple acknowledgment that unscrupulous characters exist in every profession, with real estate hardly being excepted.

Uber faces multiple litigations


It’s not all fun, games, and piles of cash being the world’s most valuable startup. Although Uber has had a few things to smile about in the last several months, including raising an astounding $3.5 billion in capital and narrowly escaping a high-profile lawsuit which might have turned the tables on their entire business model, it is currently facing a staggering number of lawsuits. The transportation giant will have to contend with litigation aimed at nearly every facet of their practices, from its advertising model to the process it uses for vetting drivers.

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