Mr. Jerry Freedman is a great civil attorney. We were fortunate to have him recommended to us. For almost two years Jerry worked with us. Jerry has an excellent grasp of a legal system which is not kind to the uninitiated. He has an easy to get along with personality which facilitates communication with the client in understanding the client's situation and developing a path forward to meet the client's needs. Jerry is the consummate professional who thoroughly enjoys his work. We would differently use Jerry again.


Mr. Jerry freedman is a very experienced and seasoned attorney. Going to trial or resolving a conflict requires an attorney to be resourceful, knowledgeable, savvy, and at times a negotiator. Mr. Freedman is all of these and more. I call him a warrior. I felt that he represented me like I was a family member. Though I hired him as the expert, I always felt that my opinion mattered. The resolution of a conflict requires a team effort and that team must have trust and respect between attorney and client. In my case, I was so impressed with his professionalism and eloquence and, when needed, toughness. Discovery, or the part of a lawsuit where sides obtain evidence is extremely important. It was through the hard work of Mr. Freedman during discovery that we were able to obtain important evidence that resulted in a successful outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Freedman as a litigator or negotiator for any business matter. He has an accomplished record of success and I am happy to now call him my friend.


I interviewed two other attornies prior to me selecting Jerry L. Freedman. My reasoning was rewarded as the Freedman organization from top to bottom is professional, their communication was superb, and I always knew where I was at with my situation. And what my options were. With regard to my specific lawsuit, if there is anyone out there that has represented a company where commissions were withheld or partially paid there is no better company than the Freedman organization to represent you. From the receptionist to legal to lawyer associates and partners, the Freedman organization is outstanding.


My attorney has been supportive and a hard-working advocate for my case. He is tireless and has my best interest as the primary focus. He has allowed for my input and has provided excellent guidance as well as clear direction for my legal matters. I have the utmost confidence and respect for his legal advice and experience. He is sincere and understanding. I have presented other issues unrelated to this case which he has also provided excellent advice. I will continue to use his services in the future. Most highly recommended!


Jerry Freedman and his firm was a pleasure working with and was very thorough in my case. I highly recommend him if you need legal counsel.


Very knowledgeable attorney. He goes to bat for his clients and does not stop until the job is done. Great attorney to work with. A++ service.


Rather than wait longer to do the 'perfect letter' of thanks, I’d like to thank you, Jerry for all the sincere & professional services your Corporation assisted me with to resolve my legal issues. All that is behind us now! I am most grateful to you and your staff who were instrumental in providing me valuable & sincere services during the litigation. Anytime any of you need anything from my corner of the world, I would be delighted to be of help!


Jerry and his staff have been an invaluable resource for us. Very fair and responsive to our needs.


I lost my business due to a fraudulent transaction few years ago. Subsequently, I'd sued my business broker and the trial lasted for a month at the LA superior court. Finally I won the trial and got reward for 2.8 million dollars. I believe that I couldn't win the trial without Jerry's help. Jerry was so great at the trial, he knocked all of the adversary attorneys down with his brilliant argument. I still remember the moment when I heard the verdict. Thank you so much Jerry. You saved my life.


When I first met Mr. Freedman he made me feel confident and it was like I had been knowing him for years. His Office staff is wonderful, I never had to wait on Jerry he would always be ready to see me as soon and I walked in the office. He is the best attorney I have ever had, and I think his work speaks for itself. I would recommend him the President!


Firm was very responsive to our needs. Exceeded our expectations.


A true professional. Knowledgeable, honest, aggressive within the confines of the law. Engaged.


I was involved in a very large lawsuit that had been going on for over a year. Although I had excellent counsel, it was felt that someone to protect me and my interests was also needed. I was fortunate enough to find Jerry Freedman, Esq. to work with my current attorney. Jerry was meticulous and I was impressed with his skills and knowledge. Once he agreed to act as cumis counsel he worked diligently to achieve an equitable resolution for me. His negotiating skills are superior. He is tenacious, focused, brilliant and someone I would want on my side, not as opposing counsel. He is an excellent attorney and I would endorse him without reservation.


You know how I feel with regard to your ability. I've been very vocal about it and glad you are representing me. I want to thank you for your effort, your professionalism, and your knowledge of the law. In addition, I love how you have handled everything to date. You know I am a tremendous fan of your style, approach, BALLS, and knowledge-you are a great lawyer. Since the onset and during the process, you clearly know you had a fan in me and I confidentially will recommend you to others if the need would arise.

Sincerely and respectfully, L.B.

Dear Jerry,

My wife and I really appreciate everything you have done for our case. We are aware that it was a difficult case but with your hard work and effort we were able to win the case with $2.4 million. At the beginning, my wife and I were in a dire state of frustration and desperation where we did not even expect to win the case. We were unfairly driven out of our business and our situation appeared grim until we met with you. With your great techniques of deposing the defendants, you gave my family hope and eventually the entire trial turned out to be a tremendous success. I believe that your precision, punctuality, and your overall personality was a great factor that appealed to the jurors at the trial. It was clearly evident that all of the jurors and myself were deeply touched during the trial, especially during your final argument. I am confident that you are the best attorney who was able to aid us in a time of troubled circumstances. All of your sincere aspirations will always be greatly appreciated and never forgotten.


Dear Jerry,

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for your hard work and tenacious efforts toward the resolution of the recent litigation regarding our home. My wife Jeanne and I appreciate your professionalism, experience, guidance, and ultimately, your results.

When we first met with you greater than three years ago, we did not understand the complexity of our case. We just knew that something was wrong with our home and we needed competent guidance. Your empathy and understanding of our position was just what we needed given the frustrations that we had already experienced trying to resolve matters on our own. Including us, there were four plaintiffs that you represented; numerous experts to prove and build strength in our collective positions; over 10 defendants named in the complaint; too many attorneys and law firms representing the defendants to count; many experts representing the defendants; a diligent mediator; and a few judges. Your orchestration and coordination of all those parties was truly remarkable.

Your tactics and unwavering confidence that we would have positive results in this matter were really effective in keeping all parties on track toward successful resolutions. We are both very satisfied with the results that you helped us achieve and cannot speak more highly of your very competent services. Additionally, let me say that Cathy Adams provided excellent support throughout the process. You should know that she is absolutely a great asset to your organization.

I have worked in commercial real estate sales for over 20 years and understand the meaning of superior professional service. You provided us with that and more. Once again, thank you for all of your energies toward our very successful results, and you can be confident that when we may require legal help in the future, you will be hearing from us.

Best Regards,

Dear Jerry,

Dayna and I wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for your stellar efforts on our behalf in the home construction defect case that you recently completed for us.

As you know, this was a complicated affair, involving many parties, and required some extensive brainstorming on your part to come up with solutions and remedies that were ultimately, successfully negotiated by you.

Your perseverance, determination, and toughness were, we believe, the keys to a successful completion to a case that, easily, could have had a much different (and much less satisfying) outcome.

Thanks you for your creative touch that you gave to this situation and thanks to you and Cathy for being our steadfast advocate throughout.

Anyone who needs your services will be lucky and pleased, as we were, to have you on their side.

Best of luck to you.

B.W. and D.W.

About two years after purchasing our new "dream home" my wife and I began to notice serious cracking and shifting occurring throughout the structure.

A few of our neighbors were experiencing similar problems as well.

I was advised by an independent contractor that serious issues might be the cause. After trying unsuccessfully to get the issues resolved with the builder, I contacted Jerry Freedman to represent our interests.

Jerry and his staff were understanding. His knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail greatly impressed me.

Throughout the ordeal we were continually kept aware of the proceedings and what we should expect next. The personal touch he added made us realize he cared about our concerns and interests. This was much more than your typical attorney/client relationship.

Caught up in an unenviable position such as ours, I would recommend the services of Jerry Freedman to anyone. I continue to use his services in my company's contractual and general corporate law matters whenever the need arises.



"I am the owner of a company that has been in existence for over 40 years and does in excess of $70M in annual sales. Until five years ago, the company was represented, during its entire existence, by a local attorney who provided us with outstanding service. His retirement from active practice in 2002 generated a good deal of anxiety and concern on my part. How could I replace such a stellar performer with regard to handling our legal issues? The good news – no – the excellent news is that I found, not only an adequate replacement, but counsel of at least the same abilities, style, personality, diligence and integrity. Since 2002, the Law Firm of Jerry Freedman has represented my company in a number of legal issues and, particularly, in two major cases, one of which was against an international insurance company. I am pleased to report that the results in cases large and small have been nothing short of outstanding. Jerry is straight forward in his approach with me as a client while at the same time maintaining a business relationship with opposing counsel, and is evidently always two steps ahead of the curve in his legal strategy. In addition, he possesses an integrity not found often enough in the legal profession. He is diligent and prepared at all times and cares about the welfare of my company and, I believe, me personally. Not only would I recommend him to any one seeking legal counsel, I have in fact referred numerous friends and associates to him resulting in similar rave reviews."

E.S., Chief Executive Officer of PWS, INC.

"Jerry was completely up front with me about my claim. He was real, no-nonsense and direct. He explained the process to me and all of my options as the case progressed. I'd also like to mention that he kept the opposing counsel in line. In the game of legal chess between attorneys, he had the opposing counsel checkmated in three moves."


"Jerry Freedman is without a doubt one of the finest, most dedicated and most thorough attorneys whom I have ever encountered. He at all times was familiar with every aspect of my cases, and always conveyed to me the absolute assurance that he would do everything possible to represent me in the most competent and vigorous manner possible. His uncanny analytical ability and devotion to his clients is truly commendable. As a further matter, I felt that the time that he spent on the case itself as reflected in his billing statements was very fair and efficient."


"We can never thank [you] enough for providing us with the quality of legal help represented by Jerry Freedman...If you have ever wondered if his work was appreciated by a client, we can tell you without any doubt at all that it has made a great difference to our family. His straightforward talk, honesty, and legal skills were the most important factors behind the jury's verdict. We know that our case might have been won on the facts - but if you had been in the courtroom, you would have definitely known that this wasn't what made our case different - it was lawyering at its best, with great integrity and skill. You would have been amazed to see members of the jury, during the polling that took place after the verdict, expressing their admiration for the skill and integrity of our lawyers. Several even asked for business cards, in the event they might themselves need legal help. We had no doubt in our mind who was responsible for winning this case."


"Mr. Jerry Freedman is an Attorney I would recommend to anyone, with confidence. An individual with whom I built a level of trust that I believe is the most sacred aspect of our Attorney-Client relationship. Also as an individual I would describe him a man with unimpeachable integrity & someone who will fight with utmost dedication & commitment for the benefit of the Client, & I appreciated those traits greatly - given, as a Clients we were going through some rough times."