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Malibu Village recently sold for reported $120 million

Commercial real estate can present exciting opportunities but should always be carefully considered. One of nearby Malibu's biggest shopping centers, Malibu Village, was recently sold. A real estate investment firm from out-of-state, with a presence elsewhere in California, recently purchased the 50,000 square foot outdoor mall from southern California investors. Although the sale price and other terms of the deal were not released, those familiar with the commercial property market valued the deal at $120 million. The COO for the purchasing company noted it is focused on growth and "looking for more opportunities for long-term investment in Southern California." The purchasing company plans to try to attract more local shops and restaurants as tenants but does not plan any other changes. The 50,000 square foot property is ninety percent leased.

California college shut down for failure to pay rent on property

Businesses seeking to retain more capital often seek to rent property rather than buy it. The renting of commercial real estate is governed by a commercial lease and both the business and the property manager must abide by the terms of the lease.

Commercial developer pleads guilty to securities fraud

Developers of commercial real estate may at times seek multiple investors for a development project or series of projects. These investors will provide the developer with necessary cash flow for their projects, while the developer will agree to provide the investor with some type of asset or benefit in exchange. Developers in these situations must hold up their end of the agreement.

California land developer accused of altering flood area

Thousand Oaks residents may be aware that business transactions occur nearly every day. However, commercial land developers should be cautious about the impact their development may have on neighboring properties.

CA investors in commercial real estate battle

Businesses often reach out to investors to assist them with gathering capital for their business without having to pursue other, often stricter, avenues. Those investing in businesses should be aware or their rights and obligations in such transactions.

California builders and stakeholders react to Title 24 delay

Although the deadline for changes to the 2013 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards has been delayed until July, owners of commercial real estate should make sure they will be compliant. One major change in the standards is a goal of an overall 25-percent increase in each building's energy efficiency. This change is the largest percentage increase ever required by the California Energy Commission.

California commercial real estate market is growing

Leaders in California's commercial real estate industry say that there is a bright future ahead of them; for the next few years, at least. A recent UCLA Anderson Forecast poll showed that professionals believe that the market will grow steadily for the next two or three years. Growth will continue after that, they say, but at a slower pace.

Commercial real estate investor seeks to transform Los Angeles

A Bel Air-based holding company has been quietly acquiring commercial real estate in the past year, looking to transform old buildings into new residential units and hotels. The firm's founder has credited his ability to acquire the 10 buildings quickly to knowing the market and being able to pay cash for the properties.

Takeover of hardware chain means big real estate deals in works

The sale of a chain of hardware stores familiar to California residents could mean big changes on the commercial real estate landscape. Orchard Supply Hardware Stores Corp. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a while back and has been looking for a buyer. The chain has now found one, and it's another name that is likely familiar to people in this part of the country: Lowe's, which along with Home Depot is one of the biggest and best-known hardware chains in America.

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