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The key importance of legal counsel's input on contracts

Conflict down the road.

We reference those terms and that obviously undesired outcome on a page of our website discussing contracts in the business world.

In fact, we talk a lot about contracts on our site at the tenured business and commercial law firm of Jerry L. Freedman in Westlake Village, from offices that serve diverse clients across the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County.

Conflict is something we necessarily acknowledge, yet also seek to protect our clients from, with a far more salutary upside often being realized for a business enterprise when it secures seasoned legal input in a timely and tailored manner.

Regarding contracts, that often means prior to the stage where a proven business attorney is called upon to provide help with a dispute that has already occurred. A proven lawyer can often do much to help at that juncture, of course, but can do far more when enlisted earlier to help with contract drafting itself and attendant business negotiations.

A truly experienced business attorney can provide timely and fundamentally important assistance relevant to every aspect of an agreement, whether it relates to a foundational agreement, a commercial lease, a supplier/vendor contract, employment agreement or any other business-related matter.

Consummate drafting entails far more than base clarity and an apparent touching of all material points. It necessitates a laser focus on every clause and word in an agreement, with provisions that are fully understandable to all contracting parties and that clearly set forth reciprocal benefits and obligations.

It is obviously beneficial for any business principal to have knowledgeable and proven legal counsel on hand when a contract dispute develops.

And it is better still to have that counsel on board at the onset of a business relationship, when studied and on-point drafting, negotiation and review can often help a client avoid the aforementioned conflict down the road altogether.

We wish a happy Thanksgiving to all our readers.

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