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Uber faces multiple litigations


It’s not all fun, games, and piles of cash being the world’s most valuable startup. Although Uber has had a few things to smile about in the last several months, including raising an astounding $3.5 billion in capital and narrowly escaping a high-profile lawsuit which might have turned the tables on their entire business model, it is currently facing a staggering number of lawsuits. The transportation giant will have to contend with litigation aimed at nearly every facet of their practices, from its advertising model to the process it uses for vetting drivers.

Some experts across multiple industries have noted that Uber’s tactics and its impressively deep pockets lend themselves to attracting lawsuits. The company, which is known for a corporate culture of “take what we want, ask for forgiveness later,” seems to be riding a fine line between emerging as the leader in a new kind of business model and making moves that place a bullseye for litigation on its back.


Currently, the company is facing more than 70 federal lawsuits across the country, having already resolved more than 60. These numbers don’t even take into account state-level actions that have been brought against them. In 2016 alone, Uber has been sued 46 times. In contrast, Airbnb, the next most valuable startup company in the U.S., has faced six lawsuits in the same timeframe.

Whenever companies choose to employ bold tactics or flout accepted industry practices, they open themselves up to the increased possibility of business litigation, no matter how big or small they may be in their respective sectors. Facing these challenges with the guidance of qualified, experienced attorneys can help ensure that they can stay focused on conquering their chosen fields, instead of being bogged down by litigious attackers.

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