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Fraud-related conduct can harm both consumers, businesses

The reasons for rules are clear enough, right?

In virtually any sphere, a playing field without some defined parameters and operating principles -- especially in a universe marked by competition -- would be encompassed by chaos and lack of any constancy needed to ensure fair play and logical outcomes.

And even in a realm marked by standards of conduct and expectations regarding acceptable-versus-outlier behavior, the bottom line is notably shaky when only some participants abide by the rules, with others flouting them.

Let's talk fraud for a moment, specifically in the area of the business realm in instances where unscrupulous parties act unlawfully in order to take advantage of consumers or other business rivals.

Business fraud is seemingly ubiquitous, isn't it, and tinged by acts of subterfuge and deception that seem almost limitless?

A recent media report on the subject highlights a consumer survey that firmly underscores the prevalence and magnitude of business fraud across the United States.

Where money is involved, fraudulent acts run a wide gamut. As pointed out in the above-cited article, consumers in California and nationally seem to have a particular problem with deceptive sales practices engaged in by scammers at places like auto dealerships and home-improvement companies.

Here's a point worth noting. As evident as it is that legions of individual consumers are targeted in business scams, good-faith businesses, too, must constantly guard against less reputable competitors who commit unlawful acts in efforts to gain unfair advantage.

Business torts can centrally involve violations of antitrust law, tortious interference with business opportunities, restraint of trade and a host of other circumscribed behaviors.

Fraud is often the central ingredient in unlawful business conduct aimed at both individual consumers and commercial rivals, respectively.

A host of relevant and powerful state and federal laws address business fraud and provide victims with meaningful remedies against it. A proven business and commercial attorney who routinely advocates on behalf of individuals and businesses that have been victimized by fraud can answer questions and provide diligent representation in any business fraud matter.

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