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Your home has a material defect: What do you do now?

It's one thing when, say, a propeller blade on a portable fan you just bought isn't working properly.

It's another thing altogether when rain is pouring in on you and your family through the living room ceiling of a house you just had reshingled.

In the former case, you just motor on down to the retail store and demand your money back or a replacement for the obviously defective fan you purchased.

In the latter case you ... what?

A construction defect in a residential property is often a simultaneously frustrating and heart-breaking development for a homeowner. Things that just aren't right in homes -- leaky roofs, insect infestation, foundational deficiencies and so forth (the list of possibilities is long) -- aren't commonly associated with easy, quick and cheap fixes.

But here's something: Homeowners are often far from helpless following home-related adversity that simply wouldn't have occurred absent the negligence of a third party.

Remedies exist to compensate for construction defects, and a proven business attorney with experience representing homeowners in defect-related disputes can identity them and help a property owner pursue a negligent contractor, builder or other party for damages.

No homeowner needs to feel helpless when confronting a situation like the following:

  • Instability in a structural foundation owing to soil instability
  • Structural defects that result in wall and ceiling cracks
  • Landscape/slope irregularities caused by erosion
  • Water intrusion
  • Mold damage that has spread throughout a home

Construction-related contracts executed between homeowners and developers (as well as other professionals, including soil and structural engineers) set forth expectations and provide protections against performance breach.

And that works two ways. A homeowner who has suffered damages owing to third-party negligence might reasonably want to contact an experienced homeowners' rights attorney without delay.

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