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Business litigation: a demand for tailored, thoughtful advocacy

Sometimes business acrimony and wrongdoing simply cannot be resolved through relatively informal and conflict-muted channels. A phone call between rival business principals won't dampen hostilities. Mediation seems flatly out of the realm of possibility.

In certain instances, a business entity's recourse to formal litigation in a courtroom is the only viable response to the actions of a competitor.

In other words, the filing of a lawsuit can become at select moments the inevitable and sole-recourse solution to combat a matter grounded in a business tort, contract breach or other illegal conduct engaged in by another corporate actor.

We note on our Southern California business and commercial law website at Jerry L. Freedman, a Professional Corporation, that "every business is vulnerable to the threat of litigation."

And there is a tandem reality linked with that observation that we also point out on our site, namely, that every litigation filing involves "unique characteristics" that readily differentiate it from every other case. A proven litigation attorney is trained to identify, assess and respond strategically to the singular factors in a lawsuit in a manner that best promotes the legal interests of a corporate client.

A reciprocal way to underscore the key role played by an experienced litigator in a business-related matter in a state or federal court -- or before a California state agency -- is to simply note that a cookie-cutter trial approach in litigation is flatly counterproductive and even nonsensical.

What is required is proven advocacy grounded in a customized approach. Every case is distinct, and every careful and conscientious lawyer knows the importance of legal advocacy that is premised on exhaustive pretrial preparation and a tailored strategy that is geared to win.

Our upcoming post discusses a judicial ruling that was just handed down in an interesting federal lawsuit that we believe illuminates some of the litigation-related considerations we have addressed in the instant blog.

We appreciate readers' interest in our blog, and readily invite your questions and comments.


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