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Contractual focus in many vendor/supply agreements: data protection

Does your company have a dispute with a supplier or vendor?

For many businesses in Southern California and across the country, such a reality is hardly singular, given the sheer number of considerations that can arise between disparate commercial entities engaged in a contractual relationship.

We note both the commonplace nature of a business relying on vendors and suppliers and the complexity that can easily attach surrounding expectations and legal obligations. We point out on a page of our website discussing contract dispute resolution the importance of handling a problem involving a contractual partner "in the best way that does not just seek a quick solution, but a lasting one."

Sometimes the optimal method for achieving that is by being proactive upfront by carefully negotiating key business matters and then, with equally due care, addressing them in contractual provisions that provide strong protections and mitigate risk in truly meaningful ways.

A recent article discussing the value of addressing cyber security issues in contracts notes the special importance that security-related carve outs, indemnification clauses, stated insurance requirements, data-flow processes and other matters can have in instances where a supplier/vendor has access to proprierty and sensitive company information.

As that article makes starkly clear, the fallout from a breach -- a hacking or public disclosure of data intended to be kept private, for instance -- can obviously be severe.

The byword for minimizing that fallout is precaution, with the exercise of due care dictating well-considered issue identification and responsive contract drafting to mitigate adverse consequences.

A proven commercial law attorney with experience representing business clients that expose confidential information to third-party contracting parties can respond to questions and concerns and provide rigorous representation aimed at fully protecting a client's data and ownership rights in information.

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