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June 2014 Archives

California company sued over electric-car charging contract

Contracts are entered into by individuals and businesses to receive a bargained for benefit, while obligating them to the other party. A failure to perform as agreed may result in significant liability for either party, as can be seen by a recent case.

California-based license plate reader company files patent suit

Corporations can take various steps to protect their confidential information and intellectual property. If this property is used without authorization, a company may pursue business litigation to protect their rights.

Malibu Village recently sold for reported $120 million

Commercial real estate can present exciting opportunities but should always be carefully considered. One of nearby Malibu's biggest shopping centers, Malibu Village, was recently sold. A real estate investment firm from out-of-state, with a presence elsewhere in California, recently purchased the 50,000 square foot outdoor mall from southern California investors. Although the sale price and other terms of the deal were not released, those familiar with the commercial property market valued the deal at $120 million. The COO for the purchasing company noted it is focused on growth and "looking for more opportunities for long-term investment in Southern California." The purchasing company plans to try to attract more local shops and restaurants as tenants but does not plan any other changes. The 50,000 square foot property is ninety percent leased.

Vineyard owner sues consultant winemaker in California

Individuals and businesses in Thousand Oaks, California, enter into contracts with each other with the intent of receiving a benefit in exchange for some sort of consideration. When the benefit is not realized, issues with the contract need to be addressed accordingly.

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