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April 2014 Archives

Professional California sports team loses sponsorship support

Many college and professional sports teams throughout California operate with budgets partially funded by sponsorships. Sponsors are entities that provide organizations with financial support in exchange for advertising and other benefits. When a person sees a company's logo flashed up on a screen at an NBA basketball game it is a safe bet that the company is a team sponsor.

Patent infringement case against Google must remain in California

Corporations, especially those in the technology industry, often take out numerous patents to protect their products from being used improperly by other companies. At times, the items protected by a patent may not meet all of the requirements for patent protection or may discourage competition within the market.

Former CEO seeks to postpone vote on sale of company

In California, corporations range in many different sizes and structures. Regardless of their size, all corporations are required to follow certain guidelines and regulations. A failure to do so may expose the company or its representatives to liability for their actions.

California business litigation considers implied contracts

A California breach of contract case recently had many in Hollywood concerned about the potential consequences of the ruling. The case involved allegations that a production company used materials for a show that were provided to them years earlier by others not involved with the show or compensated for it.

Apple and Samsung continue multi-billion dollar patent battle

Companies tend to pursue patent infringement lawsuits when competing businesses profit from patented ideas. Sometimes, too, it is about more than just the money. A patented idea can become central to a company's brand. Therefore, when a competing business infringes on that patent, the competing business can rob the brand of some of its power. Patent infringement can be seriously harmful to companies and their ideas, which is why many choose to aggressively pursue business litigation when such issues arise.

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