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November 2013 Archives

Business litigation filed over team's broadcast network

The owner of a professional baseball team in another state is facing a dilemma that he must fix in order to return the team to prosperity. He says in a business litigation lawsuit filed against the people who sold him the team that they misrepresented the value of the broadcast television network that he got as part of the deal. As California fans would appreciate, a viewing network is essential for loyal fans to take in all of the team's games.

Bill will curb business litigation abuses by patent scavengers

One enterprise largely spurned in recent years is a fiendish kind of company that has as its sole purpose the suing of other companies for patent infringement and licensing royalties. Active in California and most other high technology areas, this pariah entity buys up patents and patent licensing rights voraciously and somewhat indiscriminately, and then sues any business, large or small, that is thought to be potentially using any of the technology contained in its patent holdings. Thus, the bringing of business litigation against unsuspecting victims is the sole purpose of these entities, which have universally been dubbed as "trolls" in the business community at large.

Cellular leader faces breach of contract crisis with its customer

The government is not the only entity that runs into computer glitches and administrative disorganization when introducing a new program or system. Private companies can also experience the same kind of massive chaos at times of acute change. Additionally, in California and elsewhere, breach of contract is not a term reserved strictly for private business disputes: it can also apply to a retail seller's failure to honor its contracts with consumers.

Movie producers fire director over breach of contract

Within virtually any California business arrangement, parties rely upon written contracts to define and determine the responsibilities of each person or entity outlined within. The completion of many projects relies upon the concerted efforts of all parties to abide by the provisions set out within the applicable contracts. When those provisions are not met, breach of contract occurs, and the matter often results in a lawsuit.

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