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September 2013 Archives

California judge moves forward with Google business litigation

The majority of California residents are aware of advertising that appears on their screen as they are browsing the Internet. Whether they are checking email, social media or looking for recipes, several advertisements typically appear on almost every page. Some consumers may find it interesting that some of the ads specifically cater to many of their interests, and numerous Internet surfers may not give it much thought. Others, however, are concerned about an invasion of privacy dealing with companies gathering personal information and may wish to pursue a business litigation.

Southern California Edison Co. settles business litigation

Back in 2007, parts of the Sequoia National Forest were burned in a wildfire that the United States government believes was the fault of Southern California Edison Co. According to business litigation filed by the government, the hardware on a power distribution line owned by the electric company was not properly maintained. The vegetation in the forest was dry and "molten material" from the line fell to the ground. The resulting fire burned nearly 1,350 acres both within and around the forest.

Breach of contract dispute breaks against Apple

Citing California's protection laws regarding consumers, a class-action lawsuit has been brought against global conglomerate Apple. The lawsuit has been initiated by an angry "Breaking Bad" fan who believes he has been unethically forced to pay twice to see his beloved series. Specifically, he is claiming a breach of contract against Apple's iTunes.

Business litigation with JP Morgan Chase Co. comes to settlement

When California consumers begin to work with businesses, it is important for them to understand what services those businesses will provide and under what terms they will provide them. After those terms are disclosed, businesses are expected to honor those terms as they carry out the work done for the customer. If businesses are accused of failing to disclose certain information or of not rendering services as explained, they could find themselves in a business litigation with their consumers.

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