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Protecting intellectual property in California

Many companies that are starting out in California these days are in highly technical or creative industries. These arenas have seen a lot of growth as business owners identify new ways of doing things and new products that they can create. One of the crucial aspects of these types of companies is the intellectual property that may be involved. Intellectual property refers to intangible goods or services and they are often what can set one business apart from the others. Whether this includes copyrights, patents or trademarks, these assets must be protected.  

In order to protect intellectual property, business owners in Encino can choose to be quite aggressive in taking legal action those who unlawfully access protected material. In some cases, disputes of the use of materials can go all the way to litigation.

Using someone else's property without permission is something that people know is wrong, but it can be confusing to figure out whom, if anyone, owns certain materials. This can be especially true in a day and age where everything is available online and "borrowed" by others all the time. This can make executing ownership rights and understanding them very confusing.

Because of this, many parties must determine whether or not litigation is a good solution to suspected infringements. In many cases, sending a cease-and-desist letter to the party who is unlawfully using protected material may suffice. The need for lengthy and costly legal disputes may be unnecessary in these situations. There are also situations in which people believe they have ownership of something but in actuality, they do not and the use of that material may not be in violation of any laws. But if assets owned by one property are being unlawfully used by another, it can be quite damaging and legal action may be the best solution.

Deciding what route to take in any business dispute can be confusing. Business owners want to protect themselves, but it should not be at the detriment to their business or their customers. In many cases, business owners may want to speak with an attorney to find the best solution.

Source: Entrepreneur, "Using Someone Else's Intellectual Property Comes At a Price," Coeli Carr, July 26, 2013

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