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August 2013 Archives

Trump faces business litigation that could cost $40 million

There is often a fine line regarding what justifies a business litigation suit. A lawsuit charges that real estate tycoon Donald Trump crossed that line by scamming aspiring real estate investors into buying into a hoax in a recent California case. Simply put, Trump is accused of deceitfully leading students attending the unlicensed university bearing his name to believe that its teachers were selected by the mogul and reality star himself. That is just one of the causes for this business litigation case.

California contract disputes: Judge requests cooling off period

The Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART) has been involved in extended negotiations with two of its labor unions. The judge in the contract disputes matter requested that both sides take a 60-day period for cooling off. The California judge made the request in an effort to avoid a BART strike that was scheduled to begin at noon on Aug. 12. The judge's opinion was that such a strike would cause enormous harm to the safety, health and welfare of the public.

Judge in business law case rejects California class action suit

When in business companies may end up having to hire employees in order to fulfill demands for products or services. Although this makes companies more profitable it also opens them up to potential employment lawsuits from employees who feel they have been treated wrongfully by their employers. Large corporations are especially at risk because of the large number of employees required to operate the businesses. Also, business law in California allows employees to file what is known as a class action lawsuit which can be potentially more damaging for a company.

Judge finally rules in favor of movie studio in copyright case

It doesn't take much to trigger a dispute over intellectual property. In fact, sometimes it only takes a handful of words. This was the case for a movie studio that was sued over a movie character quoting a famous author -- even though the character attributed the author for the quote in the movie. Fortunately for the studio, the suit was not successful.

Protecting intellectual property in California

Many companies that are starting out in California these days are in highly technical or creative industries. These arenas have seen a lot of growth as business owners identify new ways of doing things and new products that they can create. One of the crucial aspects of these types of companies is the intellectual property that may be involved. Intellectual property refers to intangible goods or services and they are often what can set one business apart from the others. Whether this includes copyrights, patents or trademarks, these assets must be protected.  

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