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January 2013 Archives

Laguna homeowners dispute over ocean views

Richly hued sunsets, the majesty of the bluffs, the glimmer of the Pacific Ocean -- these are all fine reasons to purchase ocean-side property in Southern California. In short, a home can be worth millions in large part because of the view it offers. But with coveted real estate comes the potential for real estate disputes.

Some common legal issues arising with internal disputes in HOAs

Disputes with or among the members of homeowners' associations, or HOAs, sometimes require litigation. Maybe there is an internal dispute over the interpretation of governing documents, or maybe someone in the association is upset over another member's pets. Construction defects are another point of contention. In any case, members of homeowners' associations in the Los Angeles area need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Buyers eye once cut-in-half building in downtown Los Angeles

As investors and residents are drawn to the remaining historic buildings in downtown Los Angeles, commercial and residential real estate in the area is set to boom. A case in point is the Commercial Exchange Building.

Whose photos are those? Instagram sued for breach of contract

Software and application services are increasingly the subject of litigation, as companies and consumers navigate the sometimes choppy waters of terms-of-service agreements. For example, a woman from California has filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that Instagram, the photo-sharing service now owned by Facebook, is in breach of contract regarding terms of service.

No noncompete agreements in California: Are there workarounds?

California is one state that prohibits almost all kinds of noncompete agreements for employees. That means employees in California cannot be required to refrain from competing with their employer after leaving the company.

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