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October 2012 Archives

Shareholders say DeVry CEO received excess stock options

Shareholder disputes are a reality for businesses large and small. When disagreements arise between shareholders, parties on both sides of the dispute will need a legal strategy to mitigate risks to the company and keep profits up.

Ponzi scheme a cautionary tale for Encino real estate investors

While the majority of real estate agents are trustworthy individuals with the best interests of buyers and sellers in mind, there is no shortage of corrupt brokers who take advantage of innocent people, sometimes ripping them off for millions of dollars. That was the scenario described in a recent real estate fraud case heard in Los Angeles.

U.S. Senate candidate faces legal action for breach of contract

U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Emken is currently facing litigation from a conservative mailing company. The company has filed the lawsuit against the Republican politician on the grounds of breach of contract and fraud.

Yo-Ho-Ho and breach of contract involving rum

When consumers walk into a store or click around an online retailer, they do not generally give much thought to the number of steps involved in bringing them various products. For example, when an individual goes to a liquor store in search of a bottle of rum, he or she probably doesn't trace the steps that it took to bring it from sugarcane to shelf.

Bank of America settlement highlights important business lessons

Recently, financial giant Bank of America became the subject of undesired attention and negative publicity. The corporation was accused of fraudulent and misleading behavior in relation to its acquisition of the famed Merrill Lynch. For many owners of small and medium-size businesses, this story may not feel relevant to the issues that you face every day. However, businesses of any size may get tied up in business litigation if certain standards of behavior are not adhered to.

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